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1:55 PM

the Eye of the Hurricane

Etched by Isaac

It is the calm of the storm.

As I type this sitting here, the mighty rush of wind threatens to joust its way in and sweep me off my feet and carry me away down to the deep abyss of A Level Past Year Papers. Yet, I resist and throw my anchor overboard to firmly dig in to the rug below my feet just so I can post something here.

Yes, the A Level examinations are here. I have another 6 papers to go. 10 down, 6 to go. Unfortunately the 6 papers are the A2 papers i.e. Pain and Misery (in Mr Allan's words). With the way the new Edexcel papers are going, practically anything can be tested, as long as it is mentioned in the syllabus. In other words, I can expect nothing short of a hurricane sweeping through the minds of the other students in the hall with me next week. But God has been good to me. Indeed He has blessed me, and I shall not be in need or want. I just need more wisdom and grace.

In the meantime, I have devoted some time to procuring useful software that allows me to download stuff that I play through the Internet. Very nice piece of software, this is. Hahaha. Apparently there's Angry Birds on Chrome. I'm probably outdated, though.

Enclosed are two pictures of outings past. =D

God Bless =)

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