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10:59 AM

3 Weeks

Etched by Isaac

It's been three whole weeks of fun-filled excitement and enjoyment. I recall spending four consecutive nights in different places. The experiences were awesome and definitely to be remembered. After all, you only finish your A Levels once.

I will always thank God for His grace in getting me through the A levels, which were indeed unexpectedly tough due to the sudden shift in emphasis to application-based questions, which stumped most students who were caught unprepared. But the six whole weeks of exams passed by day by day and now I find it all went by very quickly and sometimes I miss the times of poring over the books aiming to score as many marks as possible in the cold environment of the library.

Two years in Shah Alam have come and gone, together with numerous events and experiences through which I have learnt much about life and also have come to know God more each day. Thank God for wonderful friends and chances to make acquaintances with so many great people. We learn to be flexible when we live in hostels, and to be patient when things don't go our way.

The holidays so far have been busy. The virtual cleanup takes longer than the physical cleanup. Right now I am still sorting through pictures. Photoshop can do wonders to save underexposed and dark shots.

I wish I could have all my friends near me all the time but I know that's not possible as we all have to further our studies. Soon, everyone will be flying here and there and away from where I am. Godwilling, I will be able to fly one day too. But for now, I am content with being where I am and heading where I am supposed to be going.

There will be posts with pictures once I have them properly sorted out for the purpose of blogging. Till then..
God Bless =)

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