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6:16 PM

Annual Grand Dinner

Etched by Isaac

This was a night of photo-taking. A picture-snapping spree. A gala of photos. A.. Well you get the idea. 
Besides the great performances and the seating glitches, the mainstay of the day was taking photographs because for some of us, that might be the last photo for a long time with a friend, as some friends would be flying to India, some to Ireland and some to the UK while others stay in Malaysia.

It was certainly fun. Two years. It's done with and over now. Now to look forward to the future.. =)


Mr Best-Dressed - Gary!

Vanessa and I  


At the Grand Entrance (which isn't actually the entrance) 

Epic photo of Bing Yang 

Must say I like this picture =)  

All who wore vests that day were declared waiters, as with Zen Pei here. 

Kit Yeng.. who did her hair .. hahaha. =) 

Group Picture  

Song Hwee. Always happy and fun to be with.. I'll see him soon. One month. 

Victorian Ballroom Ceiling.  

Credits to Song Hwee for this picture. I still laugh when I look at it. =) 

My Class. With Diyan but not Kelvin . 

More fun people =)

(He who shall not be named because reasons) didn't want to take a picture.. 

Loads of great people in INTEC, I must say.  

They look like.. Il Divo.. Hahaha!

Performances - Nice =) 

Great housemates. 

I wish everyone all the best for their journeys and challenges in the future. One month to results!

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