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6:46 PM

INTEC - the Last Leg

Etched by Isaac

Some pictures taken during the A Levels themselves. Sometimes you realise you don't need to study any more. You just need to trust God. And study once you've realised that you don't know everything in the syllabus. 

I actually enjoyed the A Levels. Have to thank God for blessing me and my friends to get through what was probably the toughest exam thus far of our lives. =) 

Vanessa in action at the chessboard. 

 INTEC is beautiful in certain ways too. 


Now that I think about it, I actually miss having fried maggi with wedges for breakfast. 
And I never did get to try all 100 varieties of Bistro's roti canai. Haha.

Xavier was awarded with some kind of fruit paste which came out of a tube. 
He ate it. . . 

This was a session we had by the chess set. Discussing issues and experiences.. It was good. =D

 I remember. Moisturising Beads.. 

Moving Out. Mugi!!

Two years have flown by.. and they have been momentous years indeed. 

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