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6:55 PM

Penang and other Outings

Etched by Isaac

I have to mention this absolutely awesome place called Tao where you can pay RM46.20 to eat all you want (as long as you finish your food and don't order sashimi, which costs an extra ten bucks). 
I ate till I couldn't eat anymore... 
Kudos to Vanessa for discovering this remarkable place.. =)
They should open an outlet in KLCC or something. I'd definitely go and bring my friends.. (and put on loads of weight but nevermind it's worth it for the Japanese a'la carte buffet)

 This is me preparing to skewer a jumbo sausage (not pictured)

I think I was cold.. (the stuff in the pot was related to another day, not the day I was cold)

Food in Megamall

More of KL


And these are collector items.. Barbie dolls.. .. . ..  .=P


And Pavilion.. 

And other places.. 

And Sunway Pyramid


I blame the sweet for my tongue. 

 This was an earlier Carls Jr. Outing. 

More of KLCC

the Victim

Poor Vanessa was exhausted. Hahaha.

p.s. All this did NOT happen in One day. That'd be impossible. But it did happen.. over a number of days. =) 

4 opinions:

Sarah Sue said...

awh, what a wonderful time spent! : ) Nice photos! : )

Isaac said...

thank you sarah. =) btw i took your tips about learning up photoshop. :D hahahaha

Sarah Sue said...

This is WONDERFUL! : ) I believe you made the right decision! Welcome fellow photoshopper : ) haha! create magic in your photos : )

Isaac said...

haha.. not many photos coming as far as i can see.. not unless i dig up older pics and photoshop them. =P

but thanks =)