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1:48 PM


Etched by Isaac

Every time I look at something I wrote in the past, I'll realise I was childish.

This means that it's a bad thing as I was ranting away childishly.. But then again, yes, it's a good thing because I've become less childish.

Unfortunately I have to keep growing from being childish to being less childish. But there will always be a certain degree of childishness.. because it's good to be young at heart. =P

It seems that everyday I grow in many ways. This should be good, but it's unnerving sometimes as there are so many new uncertainties that I become aware of.
Choices, choices and more choices.
It makes it harder when you change your perspective of life and what you are aiming for in this marathon.

What is my goal?

That is a question I have to keep asking myself. And God too.

Right now I have a 4x4 Rubik's cube in front of me.
To learn how to solve it or to continue my PC game?
I realised I downloaded so many games recently that I won't have the time to finish playing them. But then again, am I supposed to be playing games? Are they a waste of time? Why would or wouldn't they be a waste of time? Back to the purpose conundrum again. I really don't know right now. Argh.

I think I'll play my game. Just for a while... =D
viva la Torchlight!

p.s. One day I will revamp this blog... Now just to wait for that day to arrive.. =)
God bless!

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