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The Four

Etched by Isaac

It recently occurred to me that the four of us have been pretty much close since the days of our birth. Whether it was because our parents were all in the same church, or that we made up the first batch of the church's Toddlers, or that we were simply of the same age, there must have been something to allow us to have this common bond. After digging up an old picture, I have cobbled together a small collection which shows the four of us at 6 years of age and as of now, twenty. It has been a long time, and time certainly flies. We have chosen quite different paths, which only adds to the diversity within the unity of the friendship.

Perhaps in the future, there will be another picture, when we are forty or something. But I certainly thank God for wonderful friends of old, yes of old. Old friends have something which new friends can only grow into - a specific familiarity and close-ness. We click easily. And somehow you can trust old friends better than new friends. Not to discriminate, but old friends have a distinct "unfair" advantage. You also hold more knowledge about them and their behaviour. They may change somewhat over the years, but still you know them pretty well.

Here's to the four of us - Amelia, Abigail, Emery and myself. To the years of friendship to come! *cheers*




We were laughing later over these pictures because they were taken simultaneously by two cameras. Haha

The shop which I couldn't get into because I didn't come early enough to. 

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