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12:43 PM

It's Back

Etched by Isaac

Somehow I still like my old layout more.

So goodbye diary-like template..

And hello edited old template! Now the photos won't jut out over the sidebars.. Muahaha... :D

6 opinions:

Mr. J said...

Yo! :D

Sarah Sue said...

ooh! : ) I missed the new layout, it looked nice actually! : ) haha! : ) But anyways, you have a way more visually stimulating shoutbox : )

Isaac said...

somehow the old one suits me more.. I don't know.. the new one was like too... "clean".. LOL. Thanks :D

Isaac said...

Yo MR J. :D saw you around a few times but didn't get to stop you. =P

Sarah Sue said...

oh yes, btw, I am always very amused by the music which plays when I visit your blog - first it's MM's Money money money, and then Monsters Inc. HAHA! And suddenly some epic music. It lets me know when my laptop volume is turned up to the maximum, in circumstances which forbids it.. Thanks. : ) kidding, : )

Isaac said...

Hahaha sorry about that Sarah.. my blog music is like that.. On purpose. Hahahahha. pretty much a mixed playlist.. :D

so you're sitting down and your laptop starts belting out some music from my blog.. hahaha!