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7:12 PM

the Oil of Joy

Etched by Isaac

I was so blessed by Asia Ablaze 2011, which just concluded last night. Held in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, the event saw an increasing attendance with each session and those who were there were definitely blessed. 

Initially I was roped in to help out with the tasks involved in the smooth running of the event, and all was fine and well, but I found myself laughing and shaking uncontrollably on the second night when I went up for the altar call.

Being an Altar Worker (our job is to catch people when they get slain in the Spirit), most of the time, our minds are not as focused on God as we'd like them to be, because we have to keep our eyes peeled for potential drops, what with the likes of Dr. David Newberry and Dr Rodney Howard-Browne speaking.

People just flop over, crumble to their knees, wriggle and roll and bounce about. Even in their seats. The effect was most pronounced in the Philippine group of delegates who flew in from their homeland just to attend the event.

So I was wondering if I would experience it too. Apparently God heard my thoughts. Loud and clear. And so I found myself laughing and bouncing about and shaking the second night. It was so joyous.. the feeling.. I just couldn't stop laughing. I had NEVER laughed that much before. It was like all the pent-up laughter coming out.. and it just kept flowing and flowing and flowing.. I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and kept on laughing. It must have been like 15 minutes plus. But I kept on laughing.

The last night, I thought I wouldn't be laughing because I was at the back of the arc of the crowd, ready to catch people. Then I got hit again and this time I couldn't stand. My knees buckled and I was on the floor. Slapping the floor. Lying down and laughing my lungs out to the ceiling. It felt SO good. I laughed till I cried. And kept laughing. And wriggling and being HAPPY and JOYOUS. I think my fellow altar workers must've been pretty shocked but to me, it didn't matter. It was just me and God. HAPPINESS. Pure sweet joyful Happiness.

Quite a while later, I picked myself up and discovered a perimeter cleared around me. Hahahahahahahahaha =)

From what I've read on the Internet, there certainly are sceptics who scrutinise this particular ministry, and discriminate against it, quoting Scripture and stuff. However, you simply cannot refute it once you've experienced it. What is it? Apparently it's FIRE. Fire as in Fire of the Holy Ghost. And the Oil of Joy. FIRE!!
Everyone needs their own personal Pentecost. And I got mine full head on that night. Hallelujah. Hallelujah!!

I guess that was the missing link. The hole that needed to be filled. It was the assurance from God that He is Real and in my life.

I look forward to Asia Ablaze setting Asia Ablaze in time to come. God is here and He is real and He is sending us to spread the Good News and to Save Souls for His Kingdom. Glory be to God!

Dr. David on the Stage

Dr. Rodney and his wife.

in the middle of one of the sessions.  

How often do you get to relax in the VVIP room? =D 

Praise and Worship! Blessed so much by the 3 teams. 

Couldn't capture an un-blurred picture because they just kept jumping about.

Dr Rodney certainly can pull faces. 

Finale night altar call.

God bless you =)

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