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10:44 AM


Etched by Isaac

Remember the day we walked up the hill, to be told the court was going to be renovated in 15 minutes' time.. 

Was a fully-packed day that saw me running to town for badminton, walking up and down and around with Jack Kee to find a badminton court, meeting Emery and deciding to play later instead of watching a movie to make up for not playing badminton, having the cheapest lunch in KL (mixed rice for RM3.60 thank you Kum Lian Kee restaurant, with 4 bowls of FREE soup).

I am kinda upset that they want to close down the shop that sells the BEST Lo Mai Kai (steamed glutinous rice with chicken) in town. Come on. RE-ROUTE the MRT!

Then we played. Got overbilled because I don't speak adequate Cantonese (ARGH).

Showered. Bwahahah Emery. =P
Then Emery and I rushed to KLCC and ambushed Harvin. Lol.
Talked and talked and ate and laughed and laughed and talked. It was superbly Fun.

Rushed back and got to the Dinner Function. Uncle David/Aunty Chin Chin/Stephanie/Jonathan's house. Haha. Met AMELIA Ong there (so difficult to contact her and there she appears coolly walking into the house. LOL.

Interrogated Amelia (and Steph and Sarah and Jonathan Foong and others too actually) over dinner.
Had more fun and photo sessions. Group pic isn't with me.. it's with the DSLR owner.. Lol..

God bless all those who are going back to USA for their studies.. =D

2 opinions:

Mr. J said...

You seriously have been enjoying you holidays! Almost every post you put up is about outings and meeting up with friends and FOOD! I'm stuck at home all the time. By the way, it's 3 days till results day! :/

Isaac said...

well.. gatherings inevitably come with glorious FOOD... so yeah... =P .. hahah.. roughly 28 hours more. Lol