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5:50 PM

Should "Holiday"?

Etched by Isaac

Aloe Vera

I've been having trouble getting up as early as I want to recently. The alarm rings, I turn it off and continue sleeping. This occurs with up to 10 alarms. Sometimes the alarm just dies off. Apparently it can give up too. I pity my alarm. Anyway, if I don't sleep in now, I don't know when I'll get to do so in the future, as all I can see in the next ten years or so is work, work and more work. Thank God for holidays. These are the times I can just laze around (not something I'm normally inclined toward, mind you), sit around editing pictures and playing with Photoshop all day, in addition to quenching my thirst and addiction for Civilization IV, which is indeed addictive.

Something I just created. Took about 45 minutes. 

The phrase "just.. one.. more.. turn.. " certainly lives it out in Civ IV. The insatiable longing to advance  your civilization by just one more turn belongs to the game; it is INHERENT in the game. ADDICTION is unavoidable. It is, in the words of my friend Jun Tung, "a very long game of chess", only it is way beyond the fun levels of chess. I actually got this game a long time ago.. about 5 years back, but I only discovered its complexity and madness last month. Computer games require a luxury of time which I only have now. Probably not next time, sadly.

Meeting up with friends is also on the agenda for these holidays, especially before they fly off/leave/migrate/disappear into oblivion etc... With Facebook and Skype, there IS a means of communication, but Facebook can never come even close to a face-to-face conversation. That is something I've learned all too well over the past few years. Chatting with people who have their feet planted in a highly different path of life brings your own path into perspective. Do you really want to live your life the way you are doing? Would you be happier or better off doing something else. Is the struggle to become a Doctor, and then living out the life of a Doctor all worth it? Many trains of thought have ploughed their way through my mind, and that is one of the reasons for the over-activity of my brain at night, causing me to lose some sleep. Strategies for Civ IV also plague my sleeping time, but that's to be expected. Haha.

One of the many projects we did in school. 

Life passes by very fast. Its effects are most noticeable in people whom I've lost touch with then one day discover on Facebook or some other site. People change a lot, and easily too. I think I've changed, too. You can learn a lot by observing people and talking to people. People-watching is a hobby, too.

Metro has turned 29! Thank God for 29 years of grace!

I went back to school. Everything was the same.. including the teachers, but I felt OLD... apart from a few people, I didn't know a single soul in the student classes. Gone are the days when I had everyone's name and class stored away safely in my mind. (thanks to being a Prefect, which was totally great actually. *big grin* )

The country is in dire straits, and any further details would cause the one voicing out his or her views to be dragged and hauled to trial in court for insinuation and derogatory remarking besides being labelled a traitor and evildoer. God help Malaysia, for it is INDEED a beautiful country that deserves better. We need to include our country in our prayers. Let the rain fall down. And rain Hard.

Desire to blog is often bubbled forth during inopportune moments, and sadly so. More often than not, I have the urge to blog about something, but do not have the chance to do so due to certain circumstances, and by the time I do Blog, the ideas and inspiration have been thrown to the wind, blown away like chaff, never to be found again.

Now that everybody's going or already have gone everywhere, it's just a matter of time before everybody will be busy working and climbing up the ladder in the rat race of life. Or at least most of them will be. I don't know. I'm the nostalgic kind, always wishing for the good old days. They are OVER. The time is NOW and it's totally different. Every new day is a New Day, with different rules and patterns to follow. Adaptation is key, and God's help is necessary to survive.

Without a purpose, life is pretty much a shambling shoddy shame. I thank God for giving me a purpose (at least for now before He changes it). I know of people who have not much direction. They are lost. Pray for them. Drifting from moment to moment. You will never be satisfied with what you have unless you know that what you have is actually adequate and you should be thankful for it. Because with human nature, we always want more, better, bigger, pricier, classier, nicer, prettier, shinier, tastier, stronger, faster, and such characteristics of  material belongings or connections with other people. When will the longing stop?

It hits me again and again that I'm TWENTY. Big number and big implications. The fact that I'm a lot slower than most of my peers (in the study sense) is pretty fun. They're getting out of Uni in a year and a half, and I'm not even in Uni! But then again, we're all going to be working till retirement so why rush to start? (my point of view as a scholarship holder; if I had to pay my own way, I'd probably be rushing too)

Two spirits I need to take down. The Spirit of procrastination and that of selfishness. Argh. Also addiction (to computer games, Civ IV in particular), and also impatience. Like Lester said, it takes a LOT to be a humble person. I shall persevere in this arena because Jesus was Humble and I want to be like Him (though I'm a long long long long way off) so I shall do my best and keep trying.

I have a bone to pick with Facebook. I don't like the way only certain friends show up in my news feed. Facebook is supposed to widen my world and connect me to all my friends, far and near likewise. Instead, it is narrowing my horizons and shrinking my circle of connections. And one thing I don't really like is the fact that most people like to write stuff to obtain "Like"s. Blogs are dying out but I shall keep blogging mainly because it is through my blog that I can express what I feel, not Facebook. Till this day I have not linked the two together, and I don't see that day ever coming. This page here is a separate entity that has existed before the Advent of Facebook (which Malaysians waste loads of time on anyway), and it shall Survive! *insert evil laughter*

Going against the grain may not be the wisest thing and neither is it the norm, but it is imperative that we do so when the situation requires us to do so. I have yet to differentiate between the essential times and the unessential times. Learning up the curve by the grace of God.

I send greetings to all my friends out there, whether or not they read or realise the existence of this blog, which I do not promote, and wish them all the best. Some are flying off. Some have exams. Some are relaxing. Some are worrying. Many have results coming. Most I have not seen in a while. Those that I do see regularly, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to do so. Those I've seen recently, you've made me happy. Life is Good. God is and was and always will be Good. Thank God for His mercy and grace and peace.

More chillin' out at Carls Jr. 

Voon Ho is already in NTU, Singapore... 

  This girl is going to Terengganu.. Bye Sarah! 

Lex is flying back to the US...
 p.s. 8 years. 

And I haven't seen LESTER for like.. six YEARS. Great time catching up and all. =D

This poor cat was stuck on the next door awning after it jumped out our kitchen balcony

And that about wraps up this post. 

4 opinions:

Sarah Sue said...

i like the cat. : )

Mr. J said...

You know what, most of the stuffs you wrote in this post are what I'm thinking of recently too but there is this one thing that I really want to highlight: PEOPLE POST STUFFS ON FACEBOOK TO OBTAIN 'LIKES' - Thar's exactly what is happening. Sigh. Anyway I guess it's because of the really long holidays that has made me feel so lifeless that I start to let my mind wonder around and yes I've seriously lost direction in life. Hmm. Oh and good luck with your A Level results! Didn't know we sat for the same exams haha :)

Isaac said...

i like the cat too.. except for the fact it was a disturbance.. hahah.. it ran through my house and jumped there and got trapped because the next door neighbour cemented up the wall.. hahaha

Isaac said...

Mr J. Great minds think alike =) hahahaha. Don't let the likes get in the way of throwing up posts on your blog.. because somehow blog posts are more honest. :D