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1:47 PM

Those Days

Etched by Isaac

that was one FUN day.

In retrospect, it has never been easy to pull people together for a gathering. Whether for a game of badminton, a movie, a lunch or a chat session, there will be numerous obstacles which usually result in a marked decrease in the number of attendees. This is all in the perspective of social gatherings of friends, of course. However, when a gathering does take place, it always makes the effort put in all worthwhile. Moments shared together will remain in memory way longer than any other experiences, because one day you can look back and say "I was with and when we did ".

More often than not, a face-to-face meetup trumps a virtual chat session. (I have been off MSN for over two years now and I don't feel that I've missed anything, thanks to regular get-together sessions with buddies)
But as the years go by, each meet-up becomes more valuable as we drift apart, socially and physically. Time becomes more precious, and we get bogged down with work and study commitments. Some turn lazy and cynical, but some keep pushing on, for reunions and bonding sessions and fun times.

I pray for all my friends out there, that God may bless them abundantly and keep them safe, guarded with His angels, always watching out for their safety and wellbeing. I pray too that they will be wise and swift to act when the moment calls for it, and constantly vigilant in the quest to uphold honour and dignity which encompasses the pillars of their character. That they will be strong and not give in to untoward temptations that attempt to wreak havoc on the very nature of their own existence. That the weather will be forgiving towards them and that they will have joy and innermost peace in their souls. That one day we will meet again.

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Mr. J said...

It's about gathering again! Luckily you didn't include any pictures of food this time haha. Eh.. results coming out on Wed or Thurs? :O

Isaac said...

hahaha.. yes it is =) if i don't meet up with people now, I probably never will. =/ So yeah. Hahaha. TODAY> :D