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11:47 AM

Time a-whizzing

Etched by Isaac

A special dedication note to Nigel Lum - Yes I still remember you =D we still have yet to meet and catch up. Awaiting your reply. Lol.


Another two weeks have passed and time seems to melt away as the days pass with each blink. I still don't feel like a medical student despite the fact that after yesterday, I have no excuse to start studying. I have all the books I need and the facilities, thank God. I constantly praise Him for providing for my needs. Even through the gales and winds, through sickness and health, He will guide me. It is through my daily experiences that I realise more and more that I have to depend on Him.

IMU requires a strict, disciplined control over one's time. I'm already missing the orientation because now studies have started and I believe I'm very behind schedule in terms of studies and revision and preparation.

Orientation was indeed ABSOLUTELY fun. I had the time of my life getting into all sorts of activities which I never imagined myself doing. Looking forward to going back as a senior. Hahaha! I have awesome group members and we all had tons and tons of pure fun. Right now we still gather and have lunch after sitting in lectures together and stuff.

Throughout this course so far, I have managed to meet people from many different paths of life. Everyone seems to have their story to tell of how they ended up in IMU. Apart from the JPA scholars, of course (we all have similar stories)

Random note - I never expected that so many students in IMU know how to dance.
Another random note - Swype keypad is amazing! Thank you Annabel! =D

I really wish time would slow down. I don't want to miss the chance to smell the roses.

Vanessa is flying off in a week's time. =/

I wish my flu would be cured once and for all.

Random note - Fuji Xerox makes AWESOME printers.
I hope Asus brings the UX21 to Malaysia pronto. Awaiting its arrival in anticipation and with bated breath. =)


Empat Sekawan
 Awesome view from Eric's unit. 
 At Amirah's open house where we had amazing food and Lecture. Hahaha.

Discreet shot of Annabel 

   At a Lunch

 First Aid Exam!

 Planning phase of the promotional video
 At the Park

 We actually created a Facebook account for him. Hahahaha. Later we found out he was a Spy. 

 Candid shots.

 Sahan looks like a salesman or a camera stand. Hahahah!

Rehearsal for the Sketch. Green Lantern II! Awesome job we did I think. Hahaha. 


Shi Han can dance! Awesome.

Viva Session aka Interview and Discuss personal stuff session.  

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