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11:14 PM

Tuna and MadRace

Etched by Isaac

The past two weeks have been totally awesome. IMU Orientation followed by the Mad Race Camp and currently recuperating and Badminton. I have never had to remember SO MANY peoples' names within such a short time in my entire life before. But it was definitely memorable. And the orientation isn't over yet! Next week it will continue. The track trip was pretty much an eye-opener for me because apparently my knowledge of how to walk in KL was superbly handy and mostly absent from the others. =P

Rolling in dirty water on the carpark floor over the other guys. Welcome to IMU orientation. Never expected it to be so much fun and outstandingly outlandish. Anyway the brunt of it is over.. I think. Many new friends in IMU. And also reunion with old friends, surprisingly. =) God is indeed Good.

The Mad Race Camp was another awesome event. Also made quite a few new friends =) All great people, of course. Hahahaha. And we all had loads of fun at camp. Will try my best to make it for the next camp, whenever that is. IMU schedule is quite .. devoid of Holidays. Minus the fact that the average class length in a day is two hours, the next non-public holiday will be after Christmas. But I want to watch Johnny English Reborn. (will find the time to do so)

People are going to be flying off soon. Sadly, yeah.

University is going to be absolutely awesome, by God's grace!.
Apparently I'm leading worship tomorrow at CG. Kinda nervous. Oh well.

God bless =)

MBS Boys' Reunion!!

Track Trip and Tuna Orientation

The Auditorium

Part of the sketch/drama of Tuna 

Track Trip briefing

Assembling cut-up pictures 

I took this from the bus.. =D 


Awesome roommates cum team members! =) 

The pretty lights before they were turned off, leaving us all in the dark. =/ 

the awesome Foursome.. =P 

Epic pictures of Abigail. =D 

that's Russel doing his "punishment"

our distinguished Speaker. =)  

the most Maddening part of the Mad Race - sorting beans. =.=

a Flash photo taken on the way back.. hahahah



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Mr. J said...

Good luck for a brand new chapter in life! :)

Isaac said...

thanks Mr J! :D hahahaha