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5:33 PM

After Twenty Days

Etched by Isaac

.. I have gone through many things.. Including... Buying a new phone... Customising the new phone... Fretting over stuff not being transferred from the old phone to the new phone.. Wasting a lot of time trying to transfer stuff from the old phone to the new phone... Rejoicing once the stuff was transferred successfully.. Enjoying the experience of the new phone.. And spending more time updating other newfangled aspects of the phone. Lol.

.. And also edited a lot of notes. I have a deeply-rooted negative perception towards notes uploaded in pdf format right now. So much work just to remove the graphics while retaining the important diagrams. Thank God for software like FinePrint. But still. Powerpoint format please! =/

.. And I sat for the formative assessment and passed it though I did not study a single bit (confession of a guilty person.) Now to start studying.. . after I finish this post.. Hahaha.

.. I am amazed at the speed at which technology renews itself. 5 years has made a lot of difference. AMD APUs are AWESOME. I am still incapable of slowing that PC down. >.< Hahaha!

.. The speed of Wi-Fi in IMU is a true Godsend.
.. The IMU Cup has concluded itself. Bowling Bronze! Yeah =D

Lecture notes are piling up. Piling up. And up and up and up. Time zooms by without taking a breather. It just keeps moving. And people don't seem to notice. But that's to be expected. Thank God for great people in my life. =) everyday they count to make a difference.

The incessant rush of the train of new names. Has the count hit 175? 200? Or more? I am not sure myself. Names of people. This doesn't include names of parts of the body. There are 206 bones, to begin with. And how about the muscles? And the parts of the gastrointestinal tract, brain, nervous system, heart and the other organs?

Whatsapp is truly a Godsend too. Hahaha. =)

Tomorrow I will be back at the community service project. Knocking on doors to inform people about the colon cancer screening drive that the NGO is organising. This particular activity never fails to remind me that I am indeed blessed by God.

The all night prayer meeting was Awesome! Never prayed till 2.30am before. Malaysia needs God. The people need God. We all need God. And God is here. We just need to reach out and be willing. And let Him do what He needs to. Not as easy as it seems though.

One day I shall have the time to blog properly.. not like how I'm doing it now (random mismatch of passing thoughts and emotions). But till that day comes, this type of posts will have to do.

On another note, I'm currently scrimping and saving on my daily expenses to cover the cost of paying for my new Phone and upcoming Laptop. Thank God for the scholarship =) I wouldn't be studying in IMU if not for it. Money management 101!

Mugshots at PBL. =D

 Before Lecture.

Maximum Mishap with printer. =P 

In Lecture

Stuff TUNA does - Celebrate Yu Hui's birthday. Hahaha. =)

JIA YI!!!!

I assume she doesn't really like it. =P 

And these are pictures from the Cheerleading Competition. Finale of IMU Cup. =D it was great =)

 Look at all the medals! =D
 Those behind me. Lol. 
 After the event. 

Our bowling team. We won Bronze!

 above: epic score by carmen. hahaha! =)

And that's it for this post. Done! 

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