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7:27 PM

Over and Over

Etched by Isaac

No time to blog properly. Unfortunately a large amount of my time is taken up with editing and printing my own notes as the default format that I download would consume a lot of toner upon printing.

IMU has been quite a whirlwind so far. Quirkiness of certain lecturers aside, I find the ecosystem here to be very appealing. However, time management is proving to be stressful. Never have I had to figure out when to do everything so thoroughly. It would help a lot if my allowance was already in, but it isn't, and I am getting by with a 2-digit bank balance till it comes in (hopefully this week).

The people in IMU are a friendly bunch, in a nutshell, and I like them. All sorts though, and not all are good, but most are.

I feel a deep frustration burning within me with regards to time wastage. God help me overcome this enemy. There are so many lectures that I haven't studied yet, and time will only bring more topics to cover. Ultimately I'll be swamped with undone work if I don't start covering some ground.

It's certainly a world which has its parameters determined by the mindful student. The more conscientious the person is, the more likely his or her time will be wisely utilised, and vice versa. There has to be a balance, though. I cannot study 24/7. Something in me is stopping me from studying as much as I used to. Is it laziness? Or boredom? Or burnout? Or just plain retaliation at the years of attending to books and questions? There is no time. I have to start. Somewhere. Pharmacokinetics will be a good place to begin my journey. I have studied only 2 lectures out of the 40-odd which have come and gone.

This post is serving as an outlet for me to ramble on about stuff which has been bugging me. If you don't understand, don't worry.

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