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8:25 PM

Stuff at Uni

Etched by Isaac

Time seriously flies at IMU, together with the expectation in terms of lecture content covered. I have yet to finish studying whatever I'm supposed to study, and I don't foresee myself doing so within the next 2 weeks. However, I appreciate the time I've had to gather my thoughts and realign my thinking pattern to the style present here. Friends are always helpful and have definitely taken my mind off problems from day to day, and I really thank God for great people in IMU. 

The importance of prioritising is paramount once in the University. What activities are more important? Why are they important? Is this particular meeting worth my time? Should I stay back to attend this gathering? To go for this event or that event? Or to stay in the library and study? Or to head back to the alluring comfort of home? Questions abound and bombard the senses each day. 

There was a day which I mentally broke down and just tuned out. Zoned out. I just sat there outside the library with nothing entering my mind. I was blank. Thank God for sending an angel to help me. =) I realise that there is a time for every season, including a season of being emotional. 

Deciding my commitments has not been easy, but right now most of my scheduled activities are either linked to the church or to the IMU CF, and temporarily, the Draco bowling team practices. Competition's on this Saturday! I have never played bowling this frequently in my entire life. It helps that the price at Endah parade is so much cheaper than in KL. RM3 per game and RM2 for the shoes. Wow. That's at student price, of course. 

Everybody's flying everywhere. Those in Malaysia are still here, but I don't really have much time to arrange for meetings. I wish there was more free time. However, free time will always be taken up by something, be it studies or activities, or reading the newspapers (yes, I still do cling to the physical newspaper and now I've discovered the IMU newpaper and magazine corner, Life's Good. LG). Yes, time is man-made. 

In times of trouble, I turn to God, and He helps me. By grace, I have always been blessed of God. I don't deserve it, but He has blessed me so abundantly that I can only sing His praises and worship Him. Nothing else higher, nothing else above. I have to keep that in mind. 

Anatomy calls out to me. I have abandoned it today in favour of my blog. Hahaha. 

The reputation of candid cameraman still sticks to me. Oh well. 
Pictures of random stuff taken during university hours and off university hours. Hahaha.

this is the Auditorium - where we have almost all our lectures. Taken early in the morning.
Somehow the people who stay the furthest always reach the earliest. Ironical paradox. 

 Though this picture isn't exactly crystal clear, those plasters are Doraemon plasters!

 A typical session in the Audi.
 p.s. this represents a minority of people, not everybody lest I be besieged with complaints. 

Some of our dedicated and (actually they're often very humorous) awesome lecturers. 
 Tuna people!
 Tuna in the Library. Collaborative Study Area
(not the right place to study in silence - that's the Quiet Study Area for that)
A Medical Museum Session (MMS). Seriously interesting.  
 Shi Han and her pastime of tying peoples' shoelaces together. Hahaha.
Randon stuff. The gift turned out to be a prank. =.='

The Three Musketeers. =D

During a PBL session. Dr Jo is awesome! We have the most interesting lecturer of all. He can quote Shakespeare and link all manner of stuff to our learning issues. Definitely proud to have him in charge. =D
 This is termed as a Check Point a.k.a. gather and chat while actually on the way to some place. Hahahaha.  
 Charlyene and Yu Hui being kids. =P

Food! Zendra's curry mee. Photoshopped to look different. =D

Cheesecake making session at our Group 2 HQ.

Actually eating the Cheesecake. Mind you, it was GOOD. 
 After the Charity Home Visit. 

A seriously PRICEY lo mai kai (RM5.10 after tax) from Luk Yu Tea House in the food court.
In hindsight, it was really tasty but I still can't justify its price. I'm not that rich. Hahaha. 

A trip.. this time to a Korean restaurant
Have to thank the dedicated drivers. =)


 and at the Cafe. 

this was in conjunction with Diwali Week. 

Banana Leaf Rice!


Tuna outing.
 in support of women. 
 pharmacokinetics notes. 


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Sarah Sue said...

haha! I like the X-Ray pic!! So creative!! And your lecture hall looks so cool! You have screens back to back!! : )

Isaac said...

hahahahah thanks! :D yeah the lecture hall is literally very cool...... like a fridge. But intec library still triumphs by sheer temperature. =P hahah =)