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Etched by Isaac

A rare public holiday, it is indeed. And what do I choose to do with it? I wake up at 6am and study immunology. Motivation abounding within. I thank God for failure, for it has woken me up to the reality that I cannot survive with zero studying in IMU. (that's actually totally obvious but I have spent the past 3 months not studying save the 40 odd minutes I spend in the LRT everyday).

So I failed the latest formative assessment, which was expected, but not by a big margin actually, considering the lack of time I invested in my studies. Honestly, I would have plenty of time to study if I didn't spend so much time editing my notes before I print them out, but I'm fussy about that so yeah. Anyway I sped up the note-editing process and have started my studies. It feels good to have taken a break from studying all the time.

I have become even more aware of the importance of time management. After all, everyone has but 24 hours a day. It's how you use it that matters. As such, I have had to determine my priorities. (not so easy)

But I thank God for grace and mercy and peace. And for kind souls who help alleviate the confusion and desperation. 

The best thing about failing the formative assessment is that it's absolutely okay to fail it. No penalties. No penalties even if you don't take the test. So it was a good wake-up call to start the machinery going. Now that I have a good gauge of what level of proficiency I have by just attending lectures, I can be surer of what I need to do in order to achieve that elusive A, for the glory of God. For God's strength is made perfect in my weaknesses therefore I shall boast all the more about my weaknesses. I know it makes no sense to the logical human mind. But the Bible is often like that. Some things, we cannot always understand, because our minds are unable to fathom their inherent meaning.

Now to catch up on 3 months' worth of studies! I know I'll make it, because with God, NOTHING is impossible. =)

Snapshots of stuff.

isn't his demeanour interesting? :D
 some of the dishes we ate for the RM30 Buffet which ends this Wednesday. 

Us after Tintin, which by the way, is like totally awesome because the graphics are so real that you can believe that the animated characters are not actual humans in flesh on screen. If it were a PC game, the graphics would be rated 100/10 because it's 3D in appearance though it's actually 2D. 

In IMU - Christmas performances at the Driveway!

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