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11:47 PM

Christmas 2011

Etched by Isaac

It's Jesus's birthday! And here I am sitting down feeling stuffed after a Christmas lunch with my cellgroup members. Church service was a very carol-ly awesome affair with loads of handshaking and a good reminder about the ways God uses (which are often not the norm) to bring about His sovereign plan to come to pass.

My Christmas present from the WiFi router was to finally allow my laptop to connect to the wireless network (which is why I get to blog right now). Thank God too for a new planner for 2012! And I was all prepared to recycle my 2011 planner (that I had already drawn out the whole calendar on in the unused space)

I have had a very fun-filled weekend. =) Outings and chat sessions and badminton and movie. Thank God for great friends =)

Praise the Lord for an absolutely AWESOME Christmas production, Two From Galilee, which was an amazing success! The whole crew and cast worked their hearts out and for the three nights, it was, in the words of Nigel, (our manager who gives speeches to inspire us and stuff like that, really good stuff) a well-oiled machine. We just kept rolling on and gave our 100%. God is good. I thank God for my friends who managed to make it too.

some exclusive shots from the crew's perspective

we had Loads of FUN too.

The past month has been pretty eventful, with my running to Lowyat and the adjacent buildings about 6 or 7 times to get some issues settled and some gifts purchased, and the month also saw the first ever Formative OSCE being held for my batch in IMU. Thank God I managed to get through it pretty well. =)  My batch is the guinea pig batch for the new syllabus, and there are bound to be bugs and glitches, and yes, there were some. Issues are being ironed out as time goes on, with assurance that each day will bring improvements. Thank God for a great batch representative that really takes the initiative and has the drive to get things done.

I also fell victim to viral fever twice over 14 days in the past month, but thank God for His healing hands, and for prayers from friends. =)
Right now I have a nagging feeling that I should settle this blog post as fast as I can so I can move on to other stuff so I will be able to finish my studying later. I have like 2 months to cover the syllabus of the whole semester (which is actually two semesters plus plus combined into one semester under the new syllabus) so I can be adequately prepared for the end of Semester exam, which is the real McCoy.

Some Shots.

Badminton gatherings!

Previous snapshots of IMU stuff. =)

A Tuna Dinner thanks to Timothy's generous family. =)

And this was to kick off Christmas celebrations. :D

And Emery is missing from this year's picture. Haha

 Have a very Merry Christmas!

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