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1:02 AM

Boom! 2012

Etched by Isaac

I literally ushered the New Year in studying. At the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2012, I was studying. Lol. And will be studying all the way till the exams are over. There is not enough time left. A hundred and ninety-six lectures to cover within a span of 40-odd effective days (having excluded some days for CNY and non-productivity). That's like four days for each of the ten themes. In other words: NOT Enough Time.

But God has been good. =)
Thank God for the realisation that I need to study more. And thank God I passed the recent test, though there still is room for improvement (as always).
Thank God for great health and for great friends.
Thank God for life.

Gordon is in NS now. House is rather quiet in his absence. =/

On an unrelated note, I shall note to myself that I always scrimp and save so I can buy nice stuff. It's like a reward for saving with the thrill that comes when I buy something nice. E.g. a nice meal/drink/tech gadget. Haha. Signing off. It's 1am. Early to bed, early to rise... when both times are in the morning.. this applies to those who need to study a lot. =.='

and this is something I made for Vanessa. It's nice! =D

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