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10:04 PM

a Breather

Etched by Isaac

I thank God for a chance to pause and relax, even if just for a short while. The trip to Awana and Genting was indeed well-timed and it was just so fun to hang out with my good friends and chill, literally and figuratively.

Times are hectic, but it all boils down to how much time you want to throw into your studies, which will depend on what kind of grades you’re aiming for, which will depend on your goals and motivations; whether you want to excel or not, it’s all up to you.

I want to do the best I can, with help from above.

There has to be a balance, and it is right now. Settled pictures and collages and uploads. A whole new set of lecture notes just came in, so it’s back to the editing stage for me after this post.

Chinese New Year is like tomorrow, and there will inevitably be lots of eating (No……).
My whole body is aching after a 22-hour period of being awake, that included 3 hours of badminton, plus plenty of travelling, and walking around Genting on foot, at 11:30pm to pass by the helipad. Hahaha. We were like chilling ourselves at the Coffee Bean after walking to find it (circling Genting for half an hour). As the years pass, the group that comes for our annual gathering gets smaller. Sad, of course, but for those who come, the time spent together becomes even more meaningful. After all, you can’t laugh about the times you played till 4am laughing like crazy, not feeling sleepy despite the natural laws of energy usage and defying the usual norms, to every one of your friends. Some friends are more special than others.

God has been good to me. I haven’t fallen sick. Neither have I been involved in anything nasty or debilitating. My family is intact, strong and healthy. My friends are comforting and supportive. The important ones are safe. There have been many instances when there was divine intervention in the course of my daily life. Prayer is a powerful weapon that we often underuse. Studies are progressing at a good rate, which will be upped over the next 40 days up to the period of the examination. My notes are going to finally come to the end – all 193 sets of notes. If I had not edited the notes, I would have had an extra 200 odd hours to do other stuff. But I have no regrets. Edited notes are clearer and easier to read, in addition to saving my paper and printer toner and reducing my carrying weight. I constantly pray for wisdom and strength for I am unable to survive without either attribute.

The next week of holiday shall pose a challenge. Praise God for the determination to continue to push on! Till then

 - - - - - - Pictures - - - - - -

 in the middle of the night.


 meet an energy-drained Charlyene. She's usually FULL of energy. Poor thing. =/
 I just had to take a picture of the three of them with their legs like that.

apparently Salha is entering the modelling business

Some more of our lecturers.

 with Chien Chong and Jia Yi. She dyed her hair. Ooo. 

3-week-late-to-upload pictures. Haha. 
 From our beloved mentor. All the way from Sri Lanka!

The chocolates are from Tim. And the biscuit (unfolded love letter?) from Ee Von. So nice of them. 

TUNA went to a CNY dinner. It was great! Hahahaha =)

and that concludes this blog post. Perhaps if I posted more often, the posts would take less time. Oh well. *shrugs*

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