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12:09 AM

Jigsaw Puzzle - COP@Singapore

Etched by Isaac

By a stroke of luck, I had the opportunity to join the group of IMU students that were doing their COP in Singapore. I say opportunity because this group meant business with the COP. 

COP - Community Oriented Project. 

Basically, the purpose of this project is to get students involved with the community around them and to make them realise that there is a lot more out there in the wide world besides studies and university/college. 

The initial plan was to collaborate with the Singapore National Heart Institute, but due to last minute complications, we had to switch plans, and ended up doing health surveys for a senior activity centre. We extended our scope of work to four regions in Singapore; one each in the North, South, East and West. 191 responses in total over a period of about four days. 

I must say that this was no mean feat. It is DIFFICULT to get someone to give you about 10 minutes of his or her time, especially when there isn't anything to give them in return. But God is good, and we managed to settle the project. The reports were handed in last week. Marks shall be given. 

Compared to what the majority of the batch did for the COP, I thank God for this chance to perform an extraordinarily tough COP. Good experience for me and the rest of them. Not that it's my first time, but it is my first time doing such stuff in Singapore. Also, we had a great host - Timothy. We have to thank him and his family for being so kind as to host us for our extended five day stay. And we had loads of fun there, the three of us from Malaysia, walking and joking and laughing and viva-ing. 

Viva is a colloquial term used quite widely among my peers. It carries the connotation of questioning someone, usually about personal stuff which isn't discussed in normal everyday conversations. It has become a great tool to know someone in greater detail, but is best used only after you already know the person to a certain degree of familiarity.

So we walked a lot and took the MRT many times and visited many malls and places, and took photographs. 

 Pebbles. Beautiful pebbles under my feet. Hahahahaha. 

 the Singapore Flyer from afar. 

 Bean bag!

 happy Guests with our Host. 

 and he became the host for them later on when we went back. 

 Work in Progress. 


 the durian roof. Esplanade.

us with the figures outside the Esplanade. =D 

 pretty awesome, no?

 tourists cum students cum social workers cum volunteers. =P

Yes, we went to Universal Studios. The outside area, I mean. Hahaha. 

 this thing is 60SGD.

 Nice Arch. 

 stairway to the sunlight above. 

Meeting the Merlion.

 Aizat documenting the Fines. 

the St. Andrew's Cathedral. Beautiful =)

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