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Jigsaw Puzzle - People/Outings

Etched by Isaac

Quality time spent with friends and family is the mainstay of my holidays. I realise that a large chunk of my so-called "spare time" is taken up by gatherings and outings, and badminton games. So much that I find it so tough to justify spending time playing computer games that I have almost completely given up on them, and that's been for about four years now. Times have indeed changed. 

As more time goes by, I realise the value of gathering with friends. Such sessions are golden opportunities to catch up and reflect on life and discuss issues while having fun, and these opportunities don't come often. So when there is a chance, I almost always jump at it. Thank God for surrounding me with wonderful friends that enrich my life. =)

A tribute to awesome friends!

 the invasion of the Blue Shirted Legion. 
This was an impulsive photograph. Hahaha. But it looks good. 

Sarah and Jia Yi. "Twins". With their contagious smiles and laughter, you can hear them literally before you can see them =D blessed people seriously.

 28 faces taken with different expressions. 

 My mentor and all her mentees. Thank God for her. Couldn't ask for a better mentor. And we mentees have fun too. Plenty of it. =)

 PBL group J. Arguable the best PBL group in the history of IMU (of course, that's my opinion)
We have a stimulating synergy and a fantastic facilitator. =D 
Already missed them ever since the last semester 1 PBL. 

Long-lost childhood friends. Suki-Ya was the ideal setting for catching up. The only problem was I was at the exact place the day before, for dinner as well. Wallet burned and stomach overfilled. Hahahaha. 

  a mini TUNA gathering for the Holidays! Food Food Food movie. 

 TUNA celebrated Zendra's birthday =) with Hunger Games and dinner. 
As usual, I was the 'tour guide', leading the way using the LRT and monorail. 
I could get used to this. =P 

we used to call Wai Xhen Tomatoface. =P or Pikachu.

after sweating like this, dinner was most welcome. 

 and an AWESOME dinner we had indeed. Food galore!
We talked a lot too as we ate. Fun fun fun!

 the BBQ seniors' Appreciation night. TUNA turned up in almost full force =D
I think I finished about a third of the potato salad. Oops. 

Random moments of mirth and joy and quirkiness. 

the LRT at 8.30am. Do not take the LRT at this time. You have been warned. 

and this concludes the Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces. Time to sleep. God bless.

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