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Jigsaw Puzzle - Start: Food/Misc

Etched by Isaac

In a series of posts, I shall attempt to piece the goings-on over the past three months or so. These events will range from random shots of daily life to outings to food to holiday trips to friend gatherings, and SHOULD be in chronological order, according to the type of photo the story is tied to. Hopefully that made some kind of sense. 

This post will contain twelve pictures of food, with the stories they tell, followed by random miscellaneous items which are mostly still life shots. Still not too sure why I took some of those pictures. Perhaps the pictures may tell. 

 Exactly how yee sang should be. Homemade, with plenty of crackers, and in a large portion. Don't forget the pomelo. =D

 This is how tosai should be eaten - with potatoes, curry and two types of coconut sauces. =P

 Cookies by mummy. Every bite is an adrenaline-filled rush of pleasure. 

what I order most of the time when I visit Chili's. It's just too good to not be ordered.  

 Great moments and memories at the Fish Market. 

 I think they call this "Rib-eyed Lamb Steak" or something. But I know it tastes good!

 Thinly-sliced lamb ready for the steaming syabu-syabu hotpot!

 Never miss out on your cherry tomatoes. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and lycopene, they will improve your quality of health. =P

 Tom Yam Soup. Gives you the chills when you sip it piping hot and it tastes SO TOMYAM. 

 Chicken Pandanus sp. They make a great combo, surprisingly. 

 Cheesecake by Jia Yi. Can't tell the difference with the store-bought version, perhaps hers is even cheesier. That's good! =)

 Rather expensive frozen yoghurt. At RM53 a kilo, it puts a strain on the pocket. But it tastes..good. Plus it's healthy. (according to their labels and all)

Random Stuff

 Angpows are extra special as the years go by. Thank you. =)

 My new best friend for that day. He let me examine his inner workings. =P

what the notes can do to the poor yellow thing.  

 Pine cones! They look so beautiful after they've opened up fully. =)

 the Latest in cutting-edge healthcare! A retractable nametag holder. Prevents undue spread of germs and such. No kidding. 

a Sri Lankan souvenir by Sahan. Really nice of him =)

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