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12:44 AM

Jigsaw Puzzle - TUNA@Redang

Etched by Isaac

Initially I didn't want to go for this trip, but in the end, I did (albeit with some prodding from friends), and I have no regrets. It was a totally fun-filled vacation, and although I came back looking like a baked lobster, I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Apparently, eight months of air-conditioning and the calm indoors gave me the capacity to attain sunburnt skin unlike any other.

Seven of us TUNA people went to Redang Island for a three day two night stay. Between the scheduled snorkelling/diving times, we built sandcastles, sang karaoke, hung out and climbed huge boulders. There were incidences of viva sessions too.

Entering Redang Island was a total change from the life of studies and notes at IMU. Especially after the exams, it was just perfect. Although I had tummy troubles in the ferry there, and managing the logistics of using a toilet in a swaying vessel is rather tricky, I had fun.

The view there is just plain beautiful. Raw beauty of Nature, with sky so blue and water so blue. Blue like.. BLUE!!! Never seen such blue waters in my life. But I haven't travelled much. But it is so BLUE. Amazingly blue. And the fishes are beautiful. The coral teeming with marine life too. All the wonders of creation darting about in the deep blue ocean buoyed about by the currents shimmering in the sunlight. Can't sum it up. God is awesome. Even the lecturers in IMU mention lines like this "the Creator is pure genius. We just can't explain. No answer as to why this is like that." regarding the function of the heart muscle.

The time spent with the TUNA people was priceless. Can't wait for the next trip! Perhaps Vanessa will be able to join. Then that will be extra awesome =D

The journey and Arrival.

 Blue. I repeat, BLUE!!

 Stuff you never do in Uni.

 when we went for a walk by the beach.

a pretty privileged squirrel. Hahahaa.

And the pictures taken on the rocks. We actually yelled out our Group 2 TUNA cheer at the top, to the ocean and beyond. It was exhilarating! =D

 epic. =D

 Kim's evening gown is a nice touch.

Apparently Xin Yan wasn't emo-ing as suspected. Hahaha.

 us at dinner, with Zol, the instructor.

 with a larger aperture, the picture would be way more beautiful. 

 Medic students turned engineers. 

 the final day Breakfast and certificate presentation. 

 Tim, Kim and Max, the divers. I believe they had loads of fun deeper in the waters. =P

That would conclude my awesome Redang trip. =)

p.s. my mask's elastic band that connects the snorkelling tube to the goggles is still somewhere in the middle of the bay in the shallow water coral reef. It will become part of the coral skeleton and therefore I have contributed to the diversity of wildlife in Terengganu. =P

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