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Finally an Update. Time.

Etched by Isaac

I realise I have not updated my blog in like 2.5 months. That is a  lot of time, compared to the frequency of my Facebook photo postings. 

Time flies and priorities change. People and company change too, and I have come to the conclusion that I need to make changes to the way I handle time. 

Time is precious, and even more so, when there are only 24 hours each day, and there is an infinite amount of knowledge which pertains to the medical world to be studied. It's not that I'm studying 24/7, but I just need to cut down on time wastage here and there. Like the Malay saying "sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama menjadi bukit". It all adds up in the end.
So I embarked on a mission - to minimise time wastage in my daily life. By thorough analysis and speculative planning, I am happy to say that my days are now much more productive; a huge change from the previous few months - in which I think I was pretty directionless. An idle mind is the devil's workshop, they say, and so I say, don't give the devil an idle mind to toy with. 

Time flies. I've been on trips and outings too. Birthday celebrations. Surprise celebrations. Clinic visits. Community service. And the Airport to meet Vanessa. Time seriously flies. To keep this post short and sweet, I shall include only one picture per event. (let's hope that actually happens, hahahaha)

How have you been living your life? Why are you living your life? Is the only reason you live that you enrich your own life? If not, how have you been doing so? Good questions to ponder. Food for thought. 

In retrospect (we learn a lot about reflective writing, so I'm applying some of it here), everything that I have been through has been for a specific purpose which has cumulatively led me to where I am today. This grants me assurance that there is a purpose given by God for my life. I am sure of it. Just not sure what it is exactly, but I'm sure I'll find out as I go along. =)

Exams are due in about 35 days' time. Preparations shall be much better than my patchy semester one express reviews of notes. This time I pray that God will strengthen me and give me adequate diligence - more that I knew I could have. 

There are so many things to give thanks for: the weather, good health, safe journeys, loving family, great friends, awesome special someone, equally awesome exam results of said awesome special one, opportunity to be studying, ability to help others and blessings all around. 

I shall proceed to the uploading of photos. Let's see how long it takes. 
And that's about it. 
God bless!

Ipoh Bean Sprouts

Whitewater rafting with family in Gopeng

Jack Kee's 21st. :D - Stadium Go Kart.

and dinner at the Renaissance.

Jia Yi's 20th.

Candylicious at 1 Utama.

Xin Yan trying to stuff herself. =P

lunch at this awesome place called Petite Millie.

the Avengers!

these shots were fun =)

a Triple Celebration by the CG. And a humongous card. O.o

korean buffet lunch - Bon -Ga!

card from the CF committee =D

a pleasant meet-up with Huan De. :D 

TUNA never fails to make me smile. 

we went for a movie!

Another day earlier,
with the three of them =) 

Sometime after that,
at 126. 

Trips after badminton games. 
Sakae. Tempting, no?

this was at Megamall. Not after badminton though.

when Daniel joined us :D

At Nando's.

and Sakae

and Chili's! Budget problem. =P

This tasted awesome. :D 

Penguin by Xin Yan.

A chronologically earlier Trip by the CG.
SkyTrex! (again.. Lol )
With Josie at the first treetop. 

I was balancing on the rope to take this. =P

Attendance for the day.

Later on, TUNA trip to Malacca. Basically, FOOD.
Satay Celup

Chicken Rice Balls.

Durian Cendol somewhere in this picture. 

Asam Laksa!

Durian Creampuffs! =)

 To do with the CF in IMU.

thanks Eu Pui!

Archery at Metro!
Gordon and his almost-bullseye.

A rare glimpse of Joo Howe, playing the piano.
Sorry, I just had to take this picture. It is awesome =)

 Now on ICS 4.0.3. Can't wait for them to fix the lag. >.<

and Yes, Vanessa is Back!! Congrats upon the awesome results too! =)

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