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5:49 PM

A Eulogy for my Camera

Etched by Isaac


I struggle to hold back emotions as they well forth. 
It has been a 22 257 - picture journey over almost four years.
The battered body boasts battle scars accumulated throughout its sojourn in my life.
A camera for a period of changes it was. 

Goodbye, dear Lumix, you have been faithful and have served me well.
thank you. 


N.B. the screen finally died after half a year of foreshadowing signs - flickers and random malfunctions. I must say that this camera has been one worthy of the title "Dependable".


2 opinions:

Xavier said...

Boo hoo hoo.. *a minute of silence for our fallen comrade* hahaha.. are u planning to buy a new one ?

Isaac said...

Lol xavier..

hahaha my goodness only now i saw your comment. It's been a while. Yeah i saved up and did my research and bought a new one. It's the successor of the old one btw :D good camera