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8:46 PM

Tidbits - Badminton

Etched by Isaac

At the Court.

It is a very rare occasion for us to have THREE people wearing the same shirt =D

And off the court. 

We eat Fish!

And Chicken!

And also other great food. =D
This was a superb meet-up too btw. Great to see everyone who turned up, and we had fun chatting and catching up. 

 This was at Sukiya. Ate till we couldn't eat. Anymore. Hahahaha. ICE CREAM. =)

Gordon and my camera test run. =D

A Coffeeshop. We had a LOT of liquids. Haha. 

This is in town. 

Currently on a break from badminton because I dislocated my shoulder taking a weirdly angled shot. Moral of the story: Stick to safe shots. =.=

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