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11:40 PM


Etched by Isaac


Every single time I check on my blog (and that's much more often than I post up stuff), I have to contend with a slew of random comments in the chatbox. This is getting annoying because I have to log into the cbox website and ban, delete, and report the messages as spam. 

*ends rant*

On a brighter note, I shall attempt to update my blog, finally.
Basically, life has gone on. End of 1st year exams came and went. Vanessa came and went. I went and came back. And she went off again. Time has indeed flown. 

Multiple changes, including that of my mentor, portfolio and extra-curricular activities. 
Injuries sustained of the chronic kind, and surprising losses of items ensued, including that of the happy-go-lucky attitude, for a while. 

Now here I am sitting and typing. 
I am thankful for Steam sales and Google Play sales and for RHB's convenience in linking up with PayPal. 
Also for a great new camera and for wonderful friends that I can depend on physically and emotionally. 
For opportunities and chances to be involved in projects and for favour overall from the One above, I'd like to give thanks. 

And the fact that I haven't put on an astounding amount of weight over the past 3 weeks is simply amazing. Have to start watching the meals. =/. 

Times have changed. I never expected myself to actually purchase a game online and actually play it. It is very liberating to actually purchase a piece of original software from the convenience of your home. 

However, other priorities beckon, the main one being academic studies and the minor ones being the various commitments in life. Only God truly knows what a person feels like, because sometimes a person doesn't even know it for their own self. 

I dislike the new timetable for the semester, and the fact that next semester will be even worse. This reminds me that not everything in life is as you wish it was, though I certainly wish it was. Sadly, a lack of discipline is the main factor behind a lot of shortcomings in my schedule as of late. I can only blame myself. But then again, can I blame myself for trying alternative paths? That is a subject to debate with myself. 

Pictures will come in many posts after this one, because I think I should sleep first.. so this shall be all.
It feels good to blog again. =D

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