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9:08 PM

Tidbits - At University

Etched by Isaac

There's a pretty large group of pictures which I take in Uni, most of which are inside the lecture hall or auditoriums. The reason I take pictures is because it's fun to do so, and to capture the raw emotion which is rarely seen by the outside world. Hahaha, if that made much sense.

Some of our lecturers lecturing us. 

That day they were shooting scenes for the orientation video. Nice pics!

Random moments and a birthday gift!

Much ado about slumber

 This is a Medical Museum Session. Hands-on practical stuff which I'm not very good at. =/

Indian food! Korean Fan! Myanmese festival! Sporting activites! King's College new student! And Lucas. Lol. 

Purely random stuff. Oh, and Kar Jun =D

These pictures shall be worth millions some day. =P

At one of the orientation nights. Or two I think. If pictures carried sound, your speakers would be blasting cheers and shriek and screams right now. 

Linked to Orientation. 

I particularly enjoyed the moments when Vanessa was around =)


an Exhausted Song Hwee. Haha

This, I believe, is my ECG. 

And some of the best food in Sri Petaling - DUCK! (with stewed pork and vegetables of course)

Clinic Visit - KK Nilai.

God is Good. 

IMU is a melting pot of culture and stuff, and my pathway is still not certain, what with the multitude of options within the university. It's just great =)

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