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9:24 PM

Tidbits - Miscellaneous Stuff

Etched by Isaac

This post is dedicated to all the random pictures I take and wonder what to do with later, or that do not fit very well into any of the other 12 posts I'm doing right now. Here's to random-ness and spontaneity!

Clockwise from top-left.

The well-used glass marker; PBL mind map draft out; Doctor's writing (for real); sorted notes and stuff; Sorting out notes!

The new camera on a Gorillapod! (in the end the green one was better so it stayed); pine cones; A gift from her; Another gift from her; Her stuff on my table =); A gift to her; a Long exposure shot!

Blu-Tack art; Innards of a heater; Blood on the floor; Pine cones (again?); A white Rose; Kidney bowl with earwax in it; Wedges!; Bananas! Special variety; Two birds.. which are actually not birds, but the flowers of the ginger plant or something; a lizard stuck in the kitchen sink. Hahaha.

Gordon making us proud at Speech Day. =D

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