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9:30 PM

Tidbits - Outings

Etched by Isaac

Some snapshots taken during outings =D
Pictures make me happy. I think I am a visual person. Ooo. 

Hurray! (this was actually taken a year ago or something like that)

This was two weeks ago? Hahaha.

This was less than a week ago. Crow stuff and nonsense and milk chocolate digestives! Which are still on sale at Marks & Spencer due to the impending expiry date (15th Oct '12)

Actually this combo picture has pictures from four different outings.
My organisation skills are getting dull. This is bad. 

All different occasions!
Take note that a Quarter chicken with 3 sides at Nando's seems to be much more filling than that with 2 sides. 

We practiced our CSU drills that day. It was fun. Hahaha. 

Am still searching for the optimum balance between outings and non-outings, if you know what I mean. Also, the fiscal budget needs balancing. Hahaha. TUNA is an awesome group btw. Just saying =)

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