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9:56 PM

Tidbits - Penang!

Etched by Isaac

It was a superbly fun trip. =)
Food and food and fun and more fun and.. SKYRIM. Lol. That was actually unplanned. =.=

Babinski's house! =) we whiled the jam away.. 

Soy Sauce plant. 

outside the Charlie Brown Cafe. No we did not go in. Haha. 

Straits Quay at night!

 Nando's! Nando's. Ice lemon tea. =)

I repeat, Toys

J.Co. Great doughnuts! Once in a while kind of treat... they're really sweet.. Haha.

the aforementioned game that we ended up playing for many hours. Why is it so addictive? Hahahaha

 Dim Sum! Never knew it was so much cheaper than in KL. That whole table of stuff with tea included was RM19 I think. NINE different items including one lo mai kai.. =D

Identifying with the horse. 

And basically it's all about food now. 

like, FOOD... =D

food - Banana Leaf =D

 Stuff she shot. Good composition I think. Better than mine.. Lol. 

we scaled the heights of Penang Hill!.. with the help of the new funicular train. The place looks better than the last time I went up, which was about ten years plus back. 

Good times. Hahaha

Pretty shots!

and some History thrown into the mix. 

We went down. 

These are Fish. 

Stumbled upon a BookXcess sale! Which would be held the next day. 


It's a treat. =D

Me and my honey pot.. hahahaha like Winnie the Pooh. =P

Random stuff. 

More Sushi.

And time passed so fast. 

That soon it was time to say "Till the next time,"

"Just a little bit further"

And that concludes twelve posts for the day. Done!

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