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12:30 PM

the Face

Etched by Isaac

Every time I see a picture of myself I pause to wonder whether that's what actually look like. Just like any other human. Two eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears, hair and teeth. And of course the spectacles. Of course I'm uniquely and wonderfully made, as stated in the Bible, but I can't help but think that the external appearance to a certain extent, does influence what others think of me. 

Then when I think about whether I should be thinking about what others perceive of me, I get the vibes that I shouldn't be doing that, because it doesn't really matter what people think of me. 

Then where did the phrase "the First impression is the only impression" come from? 

It has its roots, of course. 

But I digress. I don't come here to blog about first looks and impressions and stuff like that because there's plenty of that in the magazine and Literature in English. 

Somehow I feel that blogging is way more personal and also much more private than writing a post on Facebook. My reasoning stems from the fact that most people don't read blogs anymore; but it doesn't mean that blogs are dead, au contraire, blogs are being revived (example: this one you're reading right here and now). As you may figure, I have my reasons for not linking this page to my Facebook and vice versa. Let's just keep things the way they were before the advent of Facebook. 

Every time I open Facebook, I get the feeling that it's a narcissistic platform to obtain coveted likes in order to achieve a certain sense of satisfaction from having online popularity. On another note, an article about Facebook compounding the "de-friending" problem most certainly rings true in my book. It's just so easy to become Facebook friends with a person (click "Send Friend Request") but to actually maintain a proper relationship/friendship/facebookfriendship isn't as easy. Once the relationship has reached a stagnating point of lowness, it's awkward because clicking "Remove as Friend" isn't as polite as you'd like it to be. Hence, you leave the person be, sitting in your Friends list. Sometimes you're on the receiving end, and end up "stalking" a person you once used to know but not anymore. 

In the changing times, people grow closer and also drift apart, and Facebook makes that natural process awkward, because there isn't a pronounced difference in its digitalised world.

Not that I'm complaining or anything, because it's a great method of reaching out and connecting with multiple people instantaneously, and for sharing pictures. But I don't think it represents a healthy relationship if the only connection one has with another is via Facebook, I think there is much to be done away from the screen. 

My blog isn't dead yet! Hurray!! Syok sendiri. Lol. 

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