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11:46 PM

Falling Apart?

Etched by Isaac

It's not everyday I link up songs here in posts, but this song particularly appeals to me at the moment. It's not that everything happens like in the song, but it gets the feeling right.

On another note, I went to the PC Expo today at MVEC and it was just plain crowded. Windows 8 looks pretty awesome and so does its iterations on the HTC 8X. I can't wait to try out the Nokia Lumia 920. It HAS to sell, or it will spell the end of Nokia, and I like Nokia. It has roots with me and my life that go back pretty far back, to the times when Nokia phones were pretty much the only mobile phones that sold in stores. Sadly, the company didn't manage to maintain its pole position, and now it's losing out to the likes of Samsung and Apple. Don't get me wrong, it's good for the end consumers when there is healthy competition, so I see Nokia's comeback in the form of its partnership with Microsoft using Windows 8 as a very very good thing.

I'd like to see a platform that can literally challenge the current Android and iOS users to take a step back and realise that there is a better mobile OS out there.

And I think that has arrived in the Windows 8 phones, at least the flagship ones. I'm rooting for the Lumia 920, of course. Not that I would buy it now (no money and no necessity) but it would make an attractive future option in the event that I need a new phone. Let these phones be a sign of the good things to come in the world of ever-changing technology.

Oh, and my MRI scan was interestingly noisy. And cold. And short. Hahaha.
Off to bed... =D

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