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7:34 PM


Etched by Isaac

There are many things I'd like to get off my chest. 

Firstly, about tomorrow's surgery. I am Nervous.
trusting God to take me through it all.

Secondly, about the mockery in character shown by some doctors-to-be. Sometimes I seriously don't know why people who lack passion in the field are even in IMU in the first place. However, it is not my lot to judge, so I shall let it pass.

Thirdly, about temptations in material possessions and wealth. How much is enough?  Does the possession of a physical thing actually make one happy? I don't think so. But there are so many things that would be nice to have, but I don't need them, hence the creation of a new column somewhere on the side of this blog.

Fourthly, the realisation that being in IMU greatly amplifies the financial disparity between myself and other people, which actually led to point #3, so this should be point #3 and that, point #4.

Fifthly, with myself for not spending time properly, leading to time wastage, and eventually, breakdown across multiple systems and programmes in my schedule. If I allow my only strong point to be taken away from me, I have nothing left, and will have to struggle to find myself and also to trust God in these trying times. I pray for strength and wisdom and discipline every day, to do something I once did so well, by His blessings - Studying.

Lastly, for complaining and grumbling about all this, for this contradicts the tenth commandment - Do not covet, for all this stems from the root cause of not being content with what I have. Argh.

I need to spend some time to convert this blog layout to that of the new kind, so editing it will be easier. I shall wait for the surgery.. Till then. 

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