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3:28 PM

the Patient

Etched by Isaac

It has been 31 hours since I had my operation.
It hurts (obviously).

I have to say that I have been impressed by the level of care shown by the hospital and its staff.
It's touching how many wishes have come in.
I thank God the surgery went well, and for friends to come and cheer me up in the ward, and for my parents who took care of me. My father slept over for the two nights I was there. Thanks, Daddy =)

The surgery forced me to slow down and think about stuff. Simple things that I took for granted, like putting on a shirt, now take meticulous planning and conscious effort to manoeuvre myself given the limitations of my shoulder joint. The many things that I tell myself to be thankful for, now present themselves to me larger than life.  I keep asking God what He wants to teach me through this.

Perhaps I am to learn patience the hard way. Also, I have to experience being a patient in order to truly understand how patients feel, lying there helpless on their hospital beds, having that irritating piece of plastic known as an intravenous line cannula stuck inside their vein, waiting for time to pass and wounds to heal, experiencing the difficulty of even sitting up, let alone going to the toilet. It's one thing to learn about all that and another to actually experience it.

A wave of sadness swept over me when I reached home yesterday. It wasn't that I missed the hospital, but being home exacerbated my realisation of all the things that would be difficult for me to do now, with my left shoulder temporarily impaired. I know it's temporary (about 6 weeks plus at least) but since I'm so spoiled by my independence, it hit me hard that even wearing a shirt would take me a few minutes.

I took my first shower yesterday (since surgery), and I was pretty proud of myself although it took all of fifty minutes to complete the task together with some physiotherapy. I can tell you I felt a definite sense of achievement when I finally got my left bicep to contract and lift my forearm. It takes EFFORT, intense concentration and will to make that movement happen. I miss moving my arm at free will.

Right now I'm typing with one hand. The bright side is that my single-handed (read: right-handed) typing is improving, although definitely a far cry from typing with both hands.

Actually I can still write because my forearm is functioning fully, but to position the forearm so it can write, that isn't so easy because it involves the shoulder joint. Yes, now I have to analyse every movement of my left arm. A timely reminder to appreciate the God-given freedom of movement I usually have.

The everyday processes are going change in complexity. I will have to get used to having people stare at me on the train. I mean, who wouldn't stare at some guy with a big black slab of thing strapped to his front and his arm stuck to it? Not your average sling-wearer, that's for sure. The people of IMU will know me as "the guy with the big, black sling" hahahahaha. At least till the end of the year. I'm going to see if people offer me seats in the LRT. This is going to be interesting. Hahaha.

Taking notes in lectures is going to be tough. Just fitting into a seat in the lecture theatre is going to be challenging. Simple tasks on the computer that require the left hand are now not viable, like ctrl-zooming, so my usual task of editing notes will probably be postponed or greatly slowed down. Timothy, Shi Han and I were laughing when I said I'd have trouble putting on a lab coat for CSU. Hahaha. And now I can't percuss. Auscultation is possible, though. But I can still walk and talk, thank God.

Have to trust God for a speedy recovery now. Now to go edit some pictures to upload here. Photoshop is not exactly single-hand-friendly. Lol.

just before I was discharged. I look really sleepy. Hahaha.

Stitches. Sutures. Holes in my shoulder.

They made my day fun :)

She did too. :D

and so did Ian who came before my surgery and hence no picture. Hahahaha.

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