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8:40 PM

The Tables Turned

Etched by Isaac

In the span of just three hours, I went from being the medical student to being the medical student scheduled for surgery (next week). Things rushed through my mind but the biggest realisation was that I would then be able to see things better from the perspective of a patient. Things like small details about how the nurses treat patients, how doctors communicate, and also bigger things like having an IV line stuck into your hand and getting general anaesthesia.

It's just a minor surgery, and an arthroscopic one too, at that, but still, it's a SURGERY. Something major in the course of one's lifetime. And hopefully the surgery will pan out well and I won't dislocate my shoulder so easily anymore.

Time just flies. It's already been about three weeks since I last blogged. In between, I've been editing notes, printing notes, reading notes, and sorting through notes. Next week is already the last week of the Endocrine module. Thank God for a week's break without classes so I get to recuperate without having to worry about having to attend classes (even if it's just for a week).

Things just got turned upside down. Appointments cancelled, dates shifted and all of a sudden I felt that God was saying it's time to slow down and relax for once. Which is weird, because I do relax, just maybe not in the sense of the word that indicates slowing down. Relaxing basically comes in the form of recreational activities, one of which is badminton, which led to my left shoulder dislocation that fine Friday about seven weeks ago. This surgery has a 90% success rate, success being defined as in preventing subsequent dislocations.

About relaxing, I was already starting to plan out how to spend the time in the hospital because I would have to be warded there for three day at least. My mother scolded me and told me to just rest and watch TV, but I persisted, and I'm probably bringing my laptop along! (hurray - I can play games/read notes/do stuff/watch stuff) Lol.

Sometimes it's good to step back and take a good look at your life, and see whether you're still in alignment with God's will. Right now I'm not so sure. It's tough. Times keep changing and people change too. Sometimes things are difficult just because they are difficult. Challenges keep you growing from day to day and eventually, like a well-pruned tree, you bear sweet fruit. Until then, the trials will just go on and on. Oh, and I'll be in an arm sling for about six weeks after the surgery, so I can anticipate being stared at, and asked about what happened, are you okay, etc. etc..

It shall be interesting. Hahahaha.
After that, physiotherapy will commence, and hopefully I'll play badminton again, after three months. It's a long time compared to my at-least-weekly game. My friends miss playing with me, and frankly speaking, I do too, probably more than them.

God, I have to trust You totally on this one.

Thank God for insurance to reimburse the bill too. It's costly. Like seriously.
Off for now... hoping to blog again soon. =D

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