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3:50 PM

A well-spent Day

Etched by Isaac

I shall blog about the Saturday that was yesterday. 

The first impression I had was that it was ruined and I was going to scold myself at the end of it because I had wasted absolutely all my time. However, in the end after much perseverance and calm, it turned out to be possibly one of the best days of my pre-examination preparation period. 

The day started off with me browsing the Google Play store on my phone for interesting apps on sale because it's Christmas/New Year, and also Steam. There was this game that was recommended as "Staff Choice" - it was called Zenonia 5. I downloaded it and tried it out, just "to see if it was worth keeping on my phone". 

Big mistake. 
I ended up playing it for almost FOUR HOURS straight. That would be like about eight lectures' worth of studies and given the dismal state of my revision, any number of lectures other than zero would have been helpful. I only stopped because it was lunchtime. It was THAT good, that game. Best of all, it's FREE. It's a jRPG with intuitive controls and cutesy details and a nice soundtrack. I got my character, Ryan, to his current level 20 Paladin, and I will indeed continue playing AFTER exams. 

So I thought my day was doomed. I jumped up and had lunch, worked on my physiotherapy, read the papers, showered, looked at the awful stack of unread lecture notes, and started reading. 
Praise the Lord, I settled 17 sets of notes that day, before midnight.
I went to bed a happy person. =) 
oh, and now I can climb up to the upper bunk. Hurray!

Exam is on Friday. I have about five days. Minus the physiotherapy watchnight service tomorrow and time spent doing other stuff, I have about two and a half days to study the remaining 44 sets of notes. Once again, a mental note to myself - STUDY CONSISTENTLY. Actually I have been doing that, just not as consistently or as intensely as I should have been. I set high standards for myself and pray for divine help to accomplish whatever He wants me to do. 

Now to hit the notes again.
Till the exams, blog. Hahaha

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