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9:13 AM

Goodbye, my Sling

Etched by Isaac

This post is dedicated to the piece of sponge with velcro straps that kept my arm from falling off safe.
Six weeks have passed and I have practically forgotten how it feels to sleep without the sling. Last night was just so comfortable. I could actually feel the mattress behind me! And hold pillows instead of having the sling hogging the whole place in front of me.

No more stares in the LRT. Just when I was getting used to being stared at. I suppose the people who will stare would be those who know about my wearing it in the first place. "Eh? No more sling?" or "Where's your sling?!"

I thank God for getting me through the period of movement restriction.

It was pretty interesting though. There was this moment I walked into a bank, and the security guard wouldn't stop staring at me. I guess he saw me as a threat to security. So I walked back out. A passerby, an "uncle" stared like crazy as he walked past me. He continued staring for about four shoplots' distance, and then walked a while then turned back and started staring again. After that I had to walk away and literally Laugh Out Loud.

Peoples' reactions to the sling range from the disbelieving to the outright flabbergasted. Most of them initially think it's a bag of some sort, then ask me what's inside, to which I reply "There's a BOMB! Don't come near!" Hahahaha.

The other side of the story is that even though now I don't have to wear the sling, I still have to be extra careful with my movements, and that I need to keep working on my physiotherapy. It's consuming a lot of my time and energy, especially now that my exams are near (4th January). I feel more like a physiotherapy enthusiast than a medical student, and my time log confirms that I'm spending a bit too much time doing physiotherapy when I should actually be studying. This is so not good. Unfortunately I really want my movement back, and I miss playing badminton, hence the frenzy to do more physiotherapy.

I guess that's all for now. Oh, and it's the famed 21st December 2012 now. Only difference over here at this time (9:10am), is that there's a slightly brighter sun. End of the world? I don't think so.

Anyway I think Christians are supposed to live everyday like it's the last day of their lives, because we never know when Jesus is coming again. So, the end of the world isn't such a big deal. Just that I'd rather get my house in order before Jesus comes again. Besides that, nothing much. Thank God for all the blessings He's poured into my life, and I thank God for the opportunity that I may bless others too.

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