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5:04 PM

the Sem goes On

Etched by Isaac

Thank God the examination is over. It wasn't an easy paper, partially due to my lack of preparation and that would be entirely my fault. Anyway, the semester ended with the examination and a new one began the next Monday. Right now it feels like the semester never ended - it just went on. Haha. 

With the new semester in place, it feels even closer to the end of my time in IMU Bukit Jalil, and I feel that it's passing way too fast. Soon I won't be seeing my new-found friends so often anymore. =/

If given the chance to go back in time and do things differently, I would probably go back and study smarter so I would have had more time to do more things before the clock ticked away the years.

Words of a second year medical student - myself.

It's a challenge every time something comes up to challenge my stands and my beliefs. Step by step I push on. Life is not ideal and never was and never will be, but God never promised He'd give us a perfect / ideal life; He promised us eternal life after this one, and this world is not forgiving to those who are not of it.

Semester 4 and the year 2013 will be different. Pushing the gears to a whole new level.

These are some pictures I took. =)

Somehow this scene attracted me. 

Whenever we can find the time, we do meet up. =)

It has been such a long time since we last saw Xian Lum.

 There is a demarcation between my friends from University and those before University.
We had a good dinner after our exam. =)

After Les Miserables. We were in the singing mood. And now only do I know the significance behind the "I Dreamed a Dream" song. The vocals are haunting. 

Also, at IMU I have been introduced to multiplayer gaming. Although I am the one to blame for introducing Magicka to the rest, it was really fun to just play and play and play and blow everyone up.
 I call this "The Atopic Revival" team. Hahahaha!

Cyber Robe - Lightning energises us, but almost everything else weakens us. Hence the explosion into pieces at the end.  

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