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12:47 PM

A post of thanks

Etched by Isaac

I would hereby like to thank God for the numerous blessings He's showered upon my life, which include but are not limited to the following: 

  • A strong church
  • 102 days of recovery after shoulder surgery
  • Great friends and time spent with friends
  • Loving and supportive family
  • Special friends like Vanessa
  • Impressive cognitive abilities
  • Good health of self and loved ones
  • Enough money to keep me alive
  • Great exam results for the time invested and distracted
  • New challenges everyday to keep me sharp and on my toes
  • Wisdom that grows over time
  • Ability to self-reflect over time
  • Numerous small miracles that happen on any day to me
  • Great food in my life
  • Opportunities to influence others
  • Chances to help people
  • Fulfillment of 40-hour workload quota in just 3 hours
  • Godly favour upon my life
  • Early exposure to both sides of the different divides in life
  • Allies and enemies that teach me to handle people
  • Conflicts and debates that allow me to learn more
  • Protection by angels
  • Peace
  • Times for everything under the sun
  • Life itself and the ability to live it knowing it won't last on Earth


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