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12:59 AM

Photo Post

Etched by Isaac

-NOT in Chronological Order, just randomly arranged-

NS friends' gathering. We ate food and talked a lot. Basically that, but it was a whole lot of fun, not to mentioned the various topics we discussed with our extremely varied group. Hahaha.

Food with Jasper after walking through the Tech Expo. Korean food!

Random food I encountered.


Random encounter with Cheng Kok Wai. Hahahaha that was fun. 

An outing (after much delaying and postponing) with Emery and Abigail. It was a good one. =)

A gathering with the three good friends of mine. =) Sometimes guys need to get together and talk. 

More stuff with them. 

The day we climbed the Musical Stairs and ate Cheese. CHEESE.

Gordon with his Famous Star. Haha =)

We managed to meet up! An excellent achievement! =D anchor anchor anchor

With the Cellgroup.

 Our visit to the Clinic.

Stuff in the Lecture Theatre and IMU and.. and yeah stuff like that .

Our TUNA CNY Dinner, and the Jenga game after that.

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