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10:43 PM

1st Week at Electives

Etched by Isaac

My experience at the hospital so far has been eye-opening and interesting. Nothing that I didn't expect before I started, but some things are just fleshed out so well now - especially when I get to see them happening right before my very eyes.

The dilemma of the over-burdened housemen - they actually run from place to place with blood and results and needles and more blood. Tasked with numerous activities, there is hardly room for a breather until long after the rounds have finished. Yet they smile and respond amicably to a 2nd year student like myself. I am inspired. 

The manner in which rounds are done reminds me of a mini tour, but I hear it is far worse in wards with numerous housemen. To what degree, I can only imagine. Anyhow, rounds are interesting because we get to see how the specialists handle cases. Sometimes we get tested, too (nerve-jarring experiences in the name of education)

The reality that hospitals very rarely serve appetising food. I see it, a lot. 

And the burden that comes from knowledge of what I face in the future, both as a professional in medicine and as a citizen of this country, it bears down on me until I can hardly breathe. With that I can only surrender everything to God. For what is impossible to man is not, to God. I have to stop worrying about things I cannot control. 

I thank God for my parents who guide me with wisdom I have yet to attain.
Isaiah 55:8 - "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD."

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