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Reflections as a Future Doctor

Etched by Isaac

After going through the "Statistics" portion of my blogger dashboard (or is there a new name for it now?), I discovered that the highest-ranking posts in terms of views were more often than not titled in catchy manners, or they fit certain keywords which allowed them to be up-ranked in searches.

Not entirely a new revelation, but it was surprising to me that the all-time top post in my blog was "Church Dedication Service". There must be a lot of people searching for dedication services of churches out there, or so it seems.

I liked reading through  my "Just cooked Macaroni Cheese" post. The good old days. A good reminder to myself why I blog - to reminisce and to recount what happened in the past, and to build upon that for the future and what lies in it.

Yes, I certainly miss the times in secondary school when there were lesser responsibilities and slightly lighter burdens, but the present day offers new challenges and changes constantly so I don't have any right or time to complain about it. God has always been good and will continue to be, so I don't have to worry. =D Amen to that! =)

MSK module is quickly turning out to be a nightmare due to its heavy content and annoying timetable. I need to be super efficient now. A lot more efficient. On another note, the IMU Prom is coming up. Guess I'll be going, even though I don't really want to go, but I'll go because it's the last chance to go for a Prom in IMU. Actually I've never been to any Proms. This whole thing doesn't rank very highly on my want-to-do list.

Basically to me, I think that I'd dislike having to pay a large amount of money to go to a Prom, where the food is generally bad for the price, and on top of that, I have to worry about what to wear because Proms seem to be mainly about taking pictures with friends to preserve the memories for posterity.

However I guess I'll pay the princely sum - RM100 or RM105 I think, and go to this place to eat food, and take pictures with my friends who will be "semi-graduating" with me at the end of this year. That reminds me, my compact camera is no good for indoor photo shoot, and proms often challenge even the DSLR-touting photographers.

There was a time in my life when I really wanted to buy a Micro Four Thirds camera, if not only because my photographs would turn out prettier and pictures would look nicer generally. In hindsight, I'm glad my parents stopped me and I didn't buy it. The purchase would have put me into relative debt, and also deprived me of chances to take certain pictures as the camera would have been less accessible than my current Panasonic compact with it's superzoom lens. Also, the prices have been dropping as the specs got better over time and eventually if and when I do need such a camera, the time will be ripe for the purchase.

But it irks me that it's going to be tough to get good shots at the Prom, just because I don't have the two or three grand to blow on a piece of technology and its knick-knacks. Photography is an expensive hobby, or at least, it is to me.

Right now I have to save for the distant future, as I foresee a time that I will need a lot of money - to buy a car and a house! I highly doubt that the prices of either will stop increasing over the years, and looking at the salary of my future job, I don't think I will be able to afford both the car and the house. Maybe never for the house =.=

Not too sure why people in general think that doctors are paid handsomely. Maybe this view is propagated by our visits to the local family doctor (eg for fever, cough and cold - charged about RM50+) and that surgeries are generally expensive.

It is not true that doctors earn a lot.
Maybe some do, and some who work like crazy do, but generally it's an untruth. There are so many professions out there that earn better dough than being a doctor (not counting the added years of expensive studies and mental suffering inflicted along the way).

Please, if you know some student who has just finished SPM or something, and wants to study medicine for any of these reasons listed below:

  • Doctors are so cool in House and ER and Grey's Anatomy
  • It's cool to be a surgeon
  • People respect you
  • You get paid well
  • You have a good life
  • It only takes a few years to become a specialist after graduating (and earn big bucks etc)
  • Highly secure job
Please tell them that none of those reasons are actually true.
They. Are. NOT. 

None of the above are in any way a good indicator of what life is like as a doctor (at least over here)
And then there are the scores of medical students who graduate and then become disillusioned by the discrepancy between what they thought life would be like and what life actually is.

Depression, mental illness, suicidal thoughts and suicide are not uncommon among doctors.

If you want to earn money, go into business and open a hospital. Consider taking the ACCA, followed by a MBA and then build up your resume.
Become a chef and cook great food. People always like good food.
Help save the world from global warming. Dream up new ideas and innovations.

DO anything! Follow your dreams!

Only even CONSIDER medicine as a career if you are willing to give up a huge portion of your life and energy and enjoy SERVING others. The keyword is this - SERVING. It's never about you. It's never about the maniacal hours you put in only to never receive due recognition or reward. It's never about your paltry pay although you risk life and limb everyday, bombarded by infectious diseases and needles and the ever-present scumbag known to man as HIV. It's never about the perpetual lack of sleep you are experiencing yet are expected to perform at the top of your game. It's never about your absence of social life and life in general outside the ward / clinic / hospital.

Being a doctor is about serving others selflessly, and putting their priorities above and ahead of your own, regardless of how you feel as a fellow human being, despite the poor pay and terrible working hours.

It requires but one thing - not extreme IQ - it needs extreme Passion.

With that, I shall end this post. Have a good day.

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