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Wanna be a Dr in Malaysia? Read on

Etched by Isaac

This post is to my future self and all future doctors.
When you are tired and weary and have no hope, do remember why you entered medicine and that the general public has an idealised view of a doctor's life, mostly shaped by watching medical drama series. They will not understand the following:

1. There is no ending to your studies. They continue up till the day you retire (which is often once you're unable to work) Medicine is a continuously-evolving field and inevitably, new things will be discovered, and you will be expected to know them before the patients do.

2. The pay will always be lower than it should be. Mostly way lower, even without considering the high cost of your studies and the long hours you have to put into studying outside 'office hours'. Extremely low if you take into account the length of study for your degree.

3. Working hours will be long and tiring and often doing non-medical work, e.g. administrative work and running about with samples / results / charts.

3. Career advancement is tough and places to do it locally are very limited, so becoming a specialist will take a long time, period. On the other hand, becoming a "Chronic MO" is just not a good option.

4. As a result of points 1 to 3, you will be constantly exhausted, often grumpy, and always busy, all of which will make you appear "anti-social", but in actual fact, you're just trying to survive without dying off along the way. You will have hardly any form of "life" as you knew it before entering medicine.

If you are thinking of entering the medical field in Malaysia, you should know a few things:

1. You should never do it for the money. There is no money in medicine. Become a businessman or an accountant. They earn a lot more, trust me. 
2. Right now there are way too many medical graduates, forcing a proportion of medical graduates onto the indefinite waiting list for housemanship. 
3. Without completing housemanship, you are basically unqualified to practice anywhere in the world i.e., you are Stuck.
4. It is extremely difficult to secure a place for housemanship or its equivalent overseas due to a similar oversupply problem.
5. Do not study medicine without first ensuring that your university of choice is certified and recognised by the MMC. (if you plan to work in Malaysia)
6. The pathway to becoming a specialist post MBBS is neither short nor easy. 
7. We need more competent and dedicated doctors, so if you are, please do go through all the trouble to become one.

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