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12:24 PM

A Great Movie

Etched by Isaac

I followed everything that was written and said about the 13th Malaysian General Elections, henceforth known as the GE13 or PRU13. I felt the thrill and languished in the conclusion of defeat albeit at the dubious calls made throughout the counting of the night.

Like any great movie, this election gripped us people tightly to our seats as the plot thickened and unfolded. Bit by bit, we were fed tantalising details about how things were to be, or not to be.
And just when things looked like they were favouring one side, a cruel twist was thrown in amidst allegations of questionable practices, power outages and magically-appearing ballot boxes to be recounted.

A spanner in the works, a monkey wrench jamming the machine. The rug was pulled out from under our feet. The audience stood up, seething in anger and frustration, as the movie effectively ended in an anticlimactic moment following a cliffhanging suspense.

But like any great Hollywood blockbuster, there will be a sequel to GE13.

In GE14, there will be renewed interest, there will be more homework, and there will be different actors on the stage.

I'd say that Malaysia as a whole has won in this election. Never before has something united the people as much as this, except maybe Dato' Lee Chong Wei's battles with Lin Dan on the international stage.
With unprecedented voter turnout (80% or more) and a marked increase in political awareness amongst the younger generation, GE13 will go down in history as THE election that brought the nation of Malaysia together, that inspired more change, that showed us that democracy is alive and kicking here.

I will continue to pray for Malaysia, for a better, brighter future, with better attitudes of people, and for the ruling government to govern wisely and Godly.

and now, like any great movie, GE13 has come to an end.
Or has it?

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