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4:26 PM

I voted for Malaysia

Etched by Isaac

those are the finger of my left hand. The index finger is the rightmost one, and it WAS covered in 'indelible ink'

I don't have much to say about the 13th General Elections here in Malaysia. Much of what has been and is still happening is already all over the Net, and I will just add that I believe that God is watching over Malaysia, and that He will take care of His people, and that He has a plan for them.

For now, 36 minutes remain for people to register at the polling stations, and the results of the PRU 13 will trickle out over the following 6 hours or so.

I intend to stay up to witness the events unfold in light of the historical moment that we, the Rakyat of Malaysia, created.

Tomorrow will be a better day, a different country, no matter who wins the election.

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