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8:22 AM

Amazing Dream

Etched by Isaac

I had an amazing dream. It went like this:

Daddy and I were hanging onto a stone ledge on the inside of what appeared to be an emptied out hydroelectric dam. It was an approximately 20 metre drop down onto soil and plants. I had to catch an outcropping rock ledge on the way down.

"How can we survive this drop?" I asked Daddy. He told me not to worry.

We counted and let go together and plummeted down.

I missed the ledge. 

I heard yells and accelerated. The sensation of hitting the rock at the bottom was weirdly not painful.

I arose from the floor of a public toilet shower. Daddy was already outside, having cleaned his wounds. None of us were badly injured. He was talking to Pastor Chin and there were fruit tarts on the washroom sink edge.

I cleaned myself up while he asked me why I fell away from the wall.

We went to the car park which was under the Astaria, to collect things I won in a lucky draw, which included diapers, shampoo and softener. I kept on wondering whether it was all a dream and how I survived such a fall.

We entered an epic battle which involved Pastor Seok Lian, and other miscellaneous people from various stages of my life. The aim was to secure an item, and in the process, I swiped items off the top of a cupboard with a chopstick while jumping.

I saw Yee Seng launching a rocket; feedback online was positive and negative.
For the second rocket he launched, I ran away.

Only later on I actually woke up.
Some epic dream I had. So adventurous.

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