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10:49 AM


Etched by Isaac

Amidst all the well wishes from friends and family, I realised that indeed God has been absolutely great to me in all He's done although many a time I did not understand what He was doing. I now find that there have been multiple momentous occasions when the hand of God was in control behind the scenes unbeknownst to me. 

My 22nd year was full of events, and I thank God for getting me through it all relatively unscathed. There now exists a drive to study to do well for the coming exams (about a month away, oh no) and then go on to finish the time at IMU. Time just passes way too fast for my liking. 

On the other hand, because time passes so fast, I'll be seeing Vanessa on Monday! Seems like 6 months just melted away into nothingness. I'm rather envious of all my friends who have holidays longer than mine - that means EVERYBODY in any course in any university in any country. Seriously. What a great injustice to have lesser holidays than others. 

Hence we create our own holidays during class days, and we go out, and we eat nice food, and I shoot people. With my camera, of course. 

I'm really happy with the GX1. Such potential in such a small body. The little camera that could. =) I'm still hiking up the learning curve associated with the move from compact cameras to interchangeable lens cameras. So far, not enough time because I'm supposed to be studying. Waiting for my lenses to arrive! Ordered a couple off Pretty awesome deal, but I have to wait for the product to actually arrive. 

The day out made me very happy, not to mention my present - a Crumpler camera pouch! Now I don't need to carry my camera around in the fanny pack. Hahaha. I thank my awesome friends for taking time out to spend with me on my special day too, especially with the exams just around the corner. 

Timothy, Zheng Hong, Annabel and Shi Han

the Three of us here slog through almost everything together. We have fun too of course =D

Now I realise that Annabel was sitting in the spot with the best lighting, hence the nicer pictures were of her. 
This I entitle "Annabel in the Dark". Hahaha

Camera pouch/bag/bag to put in bag Yay.  

I shall now tell the tale of the quadruple-return-platter I had yesterday. 

So I ordered the grilled chicken with portobello mushrooms (something like that, I forgot the full name). I specifically asked for my mashed potatoes to be switched to the black pepper variety because I like it more than the loaded variety, to which the kind waiter obliged. 

The food arrived, and it was the wrong mashed potato. I asked for a change, and I got it, after about seven to eight minutes. I noticed the sauce had glazed over, like it had set after being left in the cold awhile, but I didn't make a fuss. 

I polished off the veggies, which were good, then started on the mushrooms and chicken. 
The chicken was like rock. Okay maybe not as hard as rock, but hard enough for me to struggle to cut it. I had to literally SAW the chicken. I ate a piece, then surrendered and called the waiter again. 

Within the next eight minutes, three different personnel came and attended to me, including the branch manager. The conclusion was that they would replace my platter. So I waited for it, a good twenty minutes. I didn't complain as I now had extra time to snap pictures!

So my food came back, and we all couldn't stop laughing because it was a full plate, like new, and had the WRONG mashed potatoes, AGAIN. Hahahahaha =D

So I got it changed, again, and then it came back, without my utensils. 

So I asked for my utensils, and started eating again. 
This time the veggies were too hard. 


I didn't eat the broccoli. 

-the end-

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